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Over the years, I have noticed many such scenes and thought about writing about them which was where the idea of this blog work was born. I found myself many a time sitting at the edge of the seat with insane stunts or biting my nails with the dangerous ones and researching on them to find that many had actually been performed in reality.

It astonished me more to gain the knowledge about stars, which are mistaken to have just glamorous life at times, working really hard over hours to attain perfection in their stunts.

Stunning Series

Black For Wife

Black For Wife – Adult Time presents the 2019 debut of Jay Rock. This series features only the naughtiest fantasies about interracial intercourse. Pretty white MILFs are engaging in some sticky situations with their just-met black partners.



Lucky Humpers – 2020 is here and we are entering it with a bang! LuckyHumpers is a living truth that funny adult content is not dead, yet! Watch these young dudes having time of their life with MILF partners in real-life funny situations leading to… an intercourse!


Family Swap XXX

Family Swap XXX – the social experiment of 2020 is happening right in front of us thanks to this new series created by Nubiles. Imagine the situation where 4 families agree to experiment and swap members between themselves in order to procreate and set up 5th family. Confusing? See videos.


Transfixed - Adult Time Series

Transfixed – the new era of transgender entertainment is here. With soft launch in 2019, Transfixed is making a big comeback in 2021. Fasten your seatbelt and be first to enjoy the newest episodes of exclusive series that changed the genre!



Disruptive Films – our choice of 2022 goes to this. When it comes to taboo fantasies, and we are talking about fantasies that are socially unacceptable – this place is your home. Watch men engage in real-life scenarios where the main aim is to get laid!



JoyMii – all about romance and sensuality in today’s world of entertainment. Watch European couples engage in slow-paced erotic moments together as they discover true joy of copulation. The most innocent females with their silk skin bodies in high-end erotica.


De-Aging Effect

With the passing of years it seems that everything is becoming possible to create in cinema.

From mass destruction to vehicles flying to fantasy and sci-fi world to name a few we have now landed on the process of de-aging.

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Recent Articles

Amazing Stunts Seen On Screen

Daniel Craig – The Bond series superstar has become habitual to performing a number of stunts to impress his fans and critic.

There were many injuries that he was inflicted with in this movie from the number of fights and challenges.

One of them that became the highlight was when he leaped on to a bus from the height of three stories.

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Discover With Us!

My Younger Lover - Adult Time

My Younger Lover – Adult Time

My Younger Lover is Adult Time’s exclusive series where age difference is the thing. Love has no boundaries and seeing more experienced partners showing the younger one how it’s done… is something spectacular.

Ahegao Extreme Orgasms

Ahegao Extreme Orgasms – Adult Time

Ahegao Extreme Orgasms is yet another exclusive series of Adult Time that’s gonna revolutionize your adult entertainment tastes. Watch facial expressions of all gender performers orgasming for real. You just can’t hide the pleasure!

Haze Her - Initiation Rituals

Haze Her – Initiation Rituals

Haze Her features the kink behind initiation rituals in colleges and dorms across the US. Watch girls giving girls hell on their first college journey. All kind of freaky, sexual stuff to do in order to be in the cool chicks crowd!

Ass Parade

Ass Parade – Bangbros

Ass Parade is nothing but fiesta for all the lovers of fine round backs. Bangbros crew being behind the project makes sure you are delivered the finest and highest quality of juicy thick butts!

Icon Male - Mile High Media

Icon Male – Mile High Media

Icon Male presents you the hottest gay encounters ever in taboo, real-life driven scenarios. Watch your favorite performers engage in questionable practices!

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Do you have any stunt that makes your adrenaline shoot higher or an action movie that hits your all-time favourite list?

I’m always enthusiastic about meeting fellow cinema lovers even if you haven’t seen as much action movies. I love hearing what you think about the reel world in general.

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