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“I will make action movies, I think, for a few more years, another five years.”

–Jackie Chan.

As the undying spirit of the original stuntman says in the quote above, the world of action attracts and attaches you so deeply that it becomes hard to let go.

There is something about jumping from moving cars, leaping over stories, sliding down a slanted building, hanging on a rope while slinging across the city, hands on fighting with the bad guys or even acting calm under water that can get the energy levels break normalcy. There is something in using all your muscles and successfully managing a feat some can only imagine that pulls you more and more towards committing to stunts.

This ordeal can be clearly seen in a number of actors. Whether it is old classics like Arnold Schwarzenneger fighting brutal wolves with bare hands or Tom Cruise hanging on the edge of a plane or worse the tallest building in the world with barely any safety, the stars in Hollywood prove they have more use of the brawn and bulk they so carefully work for. Those beauties are not just for the screen. The women are no less as actress like Angelina Jolie or Cameron decide to give in their hundred percent without a scare in stunt scenes as well. They not only look elegant but manage to kick many of the crooks down with single blows.

I really appreciate the thinking and encouraging the directors such as the creative Nolan or the stunt conductor Tarantino among many others do in order to inspire their team. There is no stopping them when it comes to creating entertainment.

Over the years, I have noticed many such scenes and thought about writing about them which was where the idea of this blog work was born. I found myself many a time sitting at the edge of the seat with insane stunts or biting my nails with the dangerous ones and researching on them to find that many had actually been performed in reality.

It astonished me more to gain the knowledge about stars, which are mistaken to have just glamorous life at times, working really hard over hours to attain perfection in their stunts.

There has clearly been a development in the technology as well. It is not just the outside world but the tech realm that has been benefitting tremendously with the tech stepping into higher upgrades. A change from blue screens to green, clearer animations, realistic fantasy scenes with the help of CGI and various kinds of software along with a number of other inventions has led to unbelievable number of projects being shot.

Films like Star Wars, Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings and so on that have broken the charts for being unrealistically real have all this technology to thank for. Whether it is seeing a young Tony Stark due to de-aging effect or Andrew Garfield dangerously sailing past vehicles, the modern technology has made it possible to give the audience and critics aesthetically pleasing visual delights.

There are so many aspects that make all these films worth watching and often times I have found myself re-watching the scenes again to capture the essence of the shots. The movies that I write about are some of the most brilliant works according to me and should be on the watch list of all stunt lovers.

I hope in the future there is more wildness that I can type away in terms of crazy stunts. I can’t wait to see the kind of new things in this genre as the cinema progresses. I look forward to novel ideas by all those creating magic behind the lenses. I feel every time that I have seen a stunt that can’t be topped but it always surprises me with what they have there. Who knows, we might someday actually be able to project ourselves virtually into the screen and get a chance to swerve Theron’s kick or laugh at the most ridiculous movie stunt ever. It would be a pleasure to have you all tread this dangerously enticing path with me. So, let’s buckle our seats and wait with bated breaths!