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The Ten Most Amazing Stunts Seen On Screen

There are many action movies out there that leave an impression on the mind of the audience.

Here is a list of the ten most amazing stunts seen on the screen.

10. Arnold Schwarzeneggar In Conan The Barbarian

Due to his built it was laborious to find anyone who could play as a stunt double for Arnold Schwarzeneggar which was why he has performed many of them on his own.

From fighting with wolves to horse riding, there are many action sequences that he’s remembered for.

For this project he trained in broadsword for three months, learnt to climb, 15 feet jumps and much more!

9. Jeremy Fry In Baby Driver 

As many demands of the directors go to make their movies blockbusters, Edgar Wright wanted the same for Baby Driver.

Most of the stunt work was in camera within a moving car and choreographed efficiently by Darrin Prescott.

The car was handled by the stunt driver Jeremy Fry who spun the car immaculately around tight alleys at the speed of 70 miles an hour!

8. Daniel Craig In Quantum Of Solace

The Bond series superstar has become habitual to performing a number of stunts to impress his fans and critic.

There were many injuries that he was inflicted with in this movie from the number of fights and challenges. One of them that became the highlight was when he leaped on to a bus from the height of three stories.

Being daring runs in his blood!

7. Charlize Theron In Atomic Blonde

With the Internet blowing up about how Charlize Theron combat skills could make ‘any grown man cry’, she became an inspiration for girls all over the world.

She flipped men, punched them and even smashed kicks in the blink of an eye.

The stuntmen sustained injuries during the shoot and Theron had to buy a lot of alcohol as compensation!

6. Tom Cruise In Knight And Day

With all the experience of the MI series in bag, Cruise came up with a fantastic stunt for him and Cameron to play out.

During a motorcycle chase, the actor spun the actress around while riding the vehicle at high speed so that she could shoot the chasing villains.

They both practised many times before pulling out this magnificent feat.

5. Andrew Garfield In The Amazing Spider Man

Sam Raimi made the Spiderman which is considered classic with our friendly neighbourhood hero swinging through the help of CGI effects.

Marc Webb on the other hand with his ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ decided it was time to level up the game.

A number of stuntmen along with Andrew Garfield were put to task to sling web in real with the help of lines over cars, around buildings and even to the extent of crossing the path of a truck.

4. Circus Performers In Mad Max: Fury Road

This movie became a hit not just because of the convoluted plot or the innovative characters but the nail biting stunts performed.

There were scenes with stuntmen jumping from one moving vehicle to another but George Miller needed more to gratify the thirst for danger.

In an ingenious strategy he hired circus performers to hang high from poles in the desert with the rigs moving at high speed.

3. Daniel Craig In Skyfall

A Bond movie is incomplete without the insane stunts and therefore Skyfall had a prestigious reputation to keep.

The one that took most of the attention though was when without the green screen or sets, the actors were asked to stand on a moving train while performing the scene of a chase and even having to duck under when the tunnels came.

The only safety was a thin line slung around their ankles. The scene with the backhoe tearing from the back of the train was also really shot!

2. Angelina Jolie In Salt

The badass actress loves showing off her daring skills especially to her children who she hopes would look up to it.

Her character as a CIA agent sticks to the role by performing many action scenes.

The most memorable and dangerous was when she leaped of the bridge, landed on a truck, hopped onto next two moving trucks and hijacked a motorcycle meandering it between stopped traffic.

1. Tom Cruise In Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible has become a series of movies where Tom Cruise makes all the stunt missions possible.

That is what the fans wait for with bated breath. In Ghost Protocol, he upped the game by conquering the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

With safety wired strapped all around him, he not only confidently climbed the structure but also sat like a king on the top.

He even inspired the other actors to let go off the stunt doubles and do their own scenes.