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The Most Dangerous Stunts Seen In Movies

Many directors have ambitions of their action masterpieces full of stunts and what way to make it best but have the actors agreeing to working on them on their own thus eliminating many hours of editing or paying extra for stunt professionals.

Here is a list of some dangerous stunts in the movies that will take your breath away.

10. Bourne Ultimatum

Matt Damon decided to join the list of actors performing their own stunts by doing the same in at least around six dangerous ones in Bourne Ultimatum.

One of them was when he dives headlong into murky water.

He went to the pool a number of times with a professional to practise looking calm underwater sans an oxygen mask.

It took a toll on him however as he got nightmares about shortage of breaths.

9. Premium Rush

Gordon Levitt had zero skills when it came to biking but that didn’t stop him from shooting a number of scenes in the movie.

However, while shooting for one of the shots, he tumbled down and got hurt leading to blood everywhere.

This led to a visit to the emergency room and unluckily around thirty stitches.

8. Chasing Mavericks

With absolutely no knowledge of surfing, Gerard Butler decided it was time to challenge for an adventure that would neither leave his memories nor his director’s nightmare.

A wave can’t really kill but without skills and riding the biggest one can come close to it.

While on the surf with a pro, they were hit and pulled under.

They were found after a long time and had to visit the hospital to recover.

7. Police Story

Since he got into the industry, Jackie Chan has been giving his best to make the action genre popular.

He has performed death-defying stunts without a second thought.

In Police Story his character Kevin Chan tries to eradicate the frame against him which leads us towards the end where the actor slides down a pole in order to catch a villain.

The light bulbs explode behind as he moves but due to unforeseen execution errors the pole got heated leading to Chan suffering second degree burns!

6. Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino’s passion about grindhouse cinema led to the spectacular visual feast for the action fanatics.

The stunt titled ‘ship’s mast’ was carried out by the stunt woman Zoe Bell.

She lies down on the hood of a moving car holding her weight with just some leather belts.

With a hit by the bad guy, she ends up flailing on the side for a long shot.

5. Crank

Among the many stunts that take flight, Jason Statham imprints his own dangerous one in the history.

Towards the end of the movie, in order to fight the villain, the actor skids on top of a helicopter and hands on brings down the antagonist at the height of 2000 feet.

They both eventually fall towards their reel death.

The stunt was shot with just a small belt tied around waists and thin wires.

4.  Speed

As the title of the film suggests, anyone would need speed to perform a jump from a moving car onto a moving bus.

Jan de Bont was against the decision of the actor doing this but Reeves was hell bent and practised the stunt numerous times a day in secrecy.

He not only managed to do it on the final day of shooting, almost giving Bont a heart attack, but made it authentic enough to derive gasps from the watching audience.

3. The Dark Knight

Nolan aims for perfection and therefore desired to show a real truck flip because Batman’s cool attitude was not enough to woo the fans.

Ignoring the warning by the stunt coordinators, he got a semi to flip.

Any wrong angle and that would have landed either building damages or utilities broken.

There was even a human driver who sat in while the vehicle carried out its job.

2. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

There is no way of putting down Tom Cruise when it comes to entertainment in stunts.

The actor performs a breathtaking stunt in this MI series where he holds a plane in motion with merely a single harness support.

He hung from the side of a moving flight with eyes covered tightly by protective coating to keep away the foreign debris.

Looks like Cruise doesn’t have the word danger in his dictionary anymore!

1. Who Am I

Jackie Chan is known for his action since years now so much so that he has become professional at performing them without any hesitation.

The actor stole gasps by sliding down a twenty one story building.

This would have been amazing in itself but he levelled up for the structure was slated at a 45-degree angle.

Talk about crooked action!