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Technologies Used To Create The Best Visual Stunts Today

Each day passes by with promise in new technology and its purpose of changing the world efficiently.

The field of cinema has also been encapsulated by this and over the years technology providing visual effects even if it’s odd special effects for stunts has become a director’s best friend.

Here are a few examples of the same.

the timing of the motion can be slowed or sped.

Optical Printer

This is a blessing in disguise as the device lets the user copy the whole film to almost a near perfection.

The piece is run through a projector and a camera is used to re-photograph the original.

There are many tricks which can help modulate the size and orientation.

A few of them are : the timing of the motion can be slowed or sped, filters can be added, masks can be used to craft animated transitions, a number of shots can be combined to one and the lenses can be zoomed in or out according to need. 

Many films are employing the use of cranes.

Mechanical Aid

Many films are employing the use of cranes, a variety of rigging material and harness which hold the actor or stunt double when they agree to defy death through deadly stunts.

Whether it is jumping from the Burj Khalifa as the daring Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible series does or diving into a 34 metre long waterfall as the brave Mark Vanselow does in Neeson’s brilliant project Seraphim Falls, these equipments create the breathtaking results that we see on the big screen.

These are machines controlled by higher machines and thus provide more security.

Special Cameras like Simulcam used in Avatar have helped in making virtual worlds.

Computer Animation And Visuals

It is not just animated movies, but real time films are using software like Photoshop, Motion Capture, VFX, CGI, Massive etc more and more in order to create magic on screen.

For instance, stunts carried out through mechanical aid have the equipments erased from the footage afterwards.

Stunt performers get granted protection with the ropes being blurred away giving a win-win situation.

Special Cameras like Simulcam used in Avatar have helped in making virtual worlds directly rather than animate and impose.


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