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De-Aging Effect: The Success Of Marvel’s Captain America And Other Recent Movies

With the passing of years it seems that everything is becoming possible to create in cinema.

From mass destruction to vehicles flying to fantasy and sci-fi world to name a few we have now landed on the process of de-aging.

Here is a list of the top ten movies along with Captain America that have made their impact using this technology.

Jeff Bridges In Tron Legacy

10. Jeff Bridges In Tron Legacy

From the first start in 1982, Tron has come a long way in 2010 announcing the evolution of digital cinema.

There are two moments in the movie where the main actor Jeff Bridges is shown with a younger face. As this was just the beginning, the job wasn’t as good as expected.

The first time was barely noticeable because of the presence of shadow but the second was shown in a flashback that had his face with average effects.

Minimal but impactful.

9. Patrick Stewart And Ian Mckellen In X-Men: The Last Stand

One of the scenes in the movie shows a young Professor X and the antagonist Magneto paying a visit to Jean Grey in a flashback.

Only the skin had been worked on to look more vibrant such that the de-aging effect was minimal but impactful.

Sean Young In Blade Runner 2049

8. Sean Young In Blade Runner 2049

Denis Villeneuve manages to perfectly use the skill of de-aging in Blade Runner on the actress playing the role of Rachel, the love interest of Rick Deckard.

A shadow illuminated by the light in the room shows her approaching and grows to reveal her perfectly.

She looks exactly like she did in the original film and due to lack of focus on her the effects hit the bull’s eye.

Paul Reubens

7. Paul Reubens In Pee Wee’s Big Holiday

The 63 years old actor was unsure about playing the part for after 1991 it would be difficult to look like a man-child again. But technology of de-aging did its wonders.

It seemed like he continued right from 1991 in the latest release.

With the combination of make-up, face tape and clear cut visual effects provided by young company Vitality Visual FX.

Dwayne Johnson In Central Intelligence

6. Dwayne Johnson In Central Intelligence

Going by his nickname as ‘The Rock’, it is difficult to picture Dwayne Johnson as anything but shredded however Central Intelligence tries to change that perception and not in a good way.

The actor’s facial de-aging is introduced more to create comedy than be considered grave to the plot. His character is a CIA agent who was an out of shape boy in high school.

It is probably one of the most unwanted CGI effect till date.

Michael Douglas In Ant Man

5. Michael Douglas In Ant Man

The Marvel Studios have adopted the de-aging technique thoroughly. Ant man is another result where the 70 year old Michael Douglas is aged down to be 45.

This is the scene where he sparks an argument with S.H.I.E.L.D. officers for attempting to copy his shrinking formula. His earlier movies were seen so that accuracy could be achieved and hauntingly they manage to do so as the scene starts.

However, due to the number of dialogues his face is zoomed into and CGI gets revealed.

Brad Pitt In Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

4. Brad Pitt In Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

David Fincher deftly makes use of cutting-edge technology to show the various life stages of Benjamin Button from a teenager to his old age.

With the right direction of lighting, digitalized cameras and his sharp eye, Fincher manages to gracefully show Brad Pitt as the particular age demanded in the script.

The actor’s expressions were captured and kept in a library and through software facial features, movements and body shape were integrated into the CGI. 

Kurt Russell In Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2

3. Kurt Russell In Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2

Marvel doesn’t back down from challenges or change which was why in the start of this movie the de-aging tool’s success is revealed. The shot takes us into the past where a younger version of him is shown trying to court his future wife.

The camera stealthily revealed him and he’s seen with lush hair, aviators perched on the nose and a captivating smile.

This is considered to be one of the most natural shots.

Carrie Fischer In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

2. Carrie Fischer In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Amidst all the mind-boggling CGI technology that Star Wars is known for, one of the limelights is Carrie Fischer de-aging.

The shot was carefully planned out such that just towards the end with Death Star barely scrapping through Darth Vader’s attack, the camera suddenly moves to a woman clad in white.

It’s the younger version of Leia Organa who looks at the lens and states ‘hope’. For the Star Wars fanatics, this was a moment that will still be spoken about for years to come. 

Robert Downey Jr. In Captain America: Civil War

1. Robert Downey Jr. In Captain America: Civil War

With coordination of classic acting by Robert Downey Jr. and the visual effects applied by the makers, Tony Stark pulled off the young look perfectly.

There are fine details placed carefully by taking features from a youth double.

This was perhaps Marvels’ most successful venture into de-aging.