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The Most Ridiculous Movie Stunts

We all have our adrenaline rush with all kinds of vehicles chasing each other or hold out breaths when actors decide to jump off from various kinds of platforms and even have the gaga moments when actresses show how spunky they can be but are we really prepared for fails that probably get a disgusted look or a laugh or two?

Here is a list of the most ridiculous stunts in cinema.

The Bank Vault In Fast Five (2011)

How do you make your big budget’s money worth such that it becomes a blockbuster and has something different than the previous versions? It is quite simple.

Have your team pull a humongous bank vault all around the colourful streets of Rio de Janeiro and use the same to destroy bad guys, property, civilians and more than hundreds of car.

Let the completely insane stunt defy laws of physics and you’ll have the perfect formula for the big bucks.

The Terrifying Leap Of Faith In Catwoman (2004)

Why should men have all the fun?

Stuntwoman Zoe Bell took it upon her elegant shoulders to bring life into the already enticing movie.

After being securely strapped to harness and secured with rigs. She flung herself from a twenty six floored building successfully flying through a 220 foot fall.

The Threat To Camera In Matrix Reloaded (2003)

In an attempt to capture every moment from the best angle possible.

The Wachowski Brothers had two trucks drive straight towards the camera and in the last half of the second the camera was pulled away to give the perfect shot.

Any time difference in the action and it would have cost more to buy the equipments than shoot this scene.

The Galloping In Hidalgo (2004)

No one can be as crazy as Viggo Mortensen, the star of the Lord of the Rings, who accepted to perform a stunt that even professionals refused to do.

In the movie Hidalgo, the daring actor sat on a horse and raced through the forest at what was termed ‘brake-neck’ speed.

This was among a number of horse racing scenes he shot in.

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