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Types Of Odd Special Effects And How They Work

There are many ways in visual effects have astounded us.

With creative heads trying to think out of the box, a number of movies have odd special effects which are even more entertaining to view.

Here are some examples.

On the big screen it is directed such that it appears to flash past the character.

Psychedelic Effects

With the aid of special camera equipment around sixty second footage of the image can be captured.

On the big screen it is directed such that it appears to flash past the character.

With the help of slit scan photography an amalgamation of colourful artwork lit by backlight and chemicals can also be crafted to give a trippy effect as seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Painting Effects

The ‘Optical flow’ instrument can be used to imitate the brushstrokes of a painting such that a shot similar to the artwork can be created.

The ‘particle effects system’ used in movies such as Robin William’s ‘What Dreams May Come’.

Every shot feels like it had come out of a frame from one of the old style paintings.

It is easy to learn how the animation for this works.

Glitch Effects

In order to bring some spunk to a project, a glitch effect can be added to it such that it appears to be distorted and wrong but actually creates curiosity.

It is easy to learn how the animation for this works.

This is usually applied to texts or pictures as seen sometimes if something inappropriate is being shown on the screen.

Project Your Soul

There is a way to infuse uniqueness in your footage by showing the ghost leave the body of a character.

The software After Effects can be used to achieve this. There are many tutorials that can help discover how to use this application.

On a basic level the real character layer and the soul layer need to use a similar light and a matching perspective.

Professional artists can create a painted landscape.

Matte Painting

With the use of paints and pastels, professional artists can create a painted landscape which is then integrated with live action.

This comes out to be much cheaper than having to take the whole cast to a particular location especially for historical sets. In modern days, digital matte is being created which blend in beautifully with the computer animations.

The latest use was in the movie “The Greatest Showman” in 2017 in the scene where a matte made cityscape is shown from Barnum’s initial apartment.

Miniature Effect

Often times scale models are employed with the inclusion of photography in high speed or the use of matte shots such that special effects can be created. This is especially helpful when shooting gravitational shots.

An over lit miniature model is set very close to the lens in a forced perspective. An infamous example of this is the stop motion technique used by Wes Anderson in “Isle of Dogs”.

The exposure is decided in such a way that the actors in the scene get shown really well.

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